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Elif Yalvaç, Daniele Girolamo & Ríkharður H. Friðriksson

Óðinsgata 2, 101 Reykjavík

28, September 2023
Open from 8.00pm - 10.00pm

Website http://www.mengi.net/events
General Admission See on official website

Three sets of experimental ambient music with immersive drones and microsound glitches. UK-based Turkish electronic music composer Elif Yalvaç returns to Iceland in four years after the pandemic. She has recently her collaborative album with Nordic artists My Heart of Noise with the Icelandic Möller Records. Two of the participants in the album Rikhardur H. Fridriksson and Daniele Moog Girolamo will be accompaying her in celebrating this return.
Doors open 19:30 | Tickets 2.500 kr

෴ Born and raised in Turkey, Elif Yalvaç creates music using an array of instruments including guitars, synthesizers, field recordings, and Game Boy. Her music has received international acclaim including reviews in The Guardian, Electronic Sound, and The Wire, alongside international live appearances and broadcasts including BBC Radio 6 and Radio 3. Her works embrace opposites: microsound glitches and slow builds; celestial beauty and abrasive energy. Alongside her solo projects, she collaborates with others extensively, including experimental rock project Diaries of Destruction (March 2022) and her album Green Drift with Expert Sleepers (September 2022). Her most recent work My Heart of Noise (Möller Records – April 2023) is a collaboration with 9 artists from Nordic countries. She holds an MA degree in Sonic Arts from Istanbul Technical University and regularly delivers workshops and podcasts on electronic music. Endorsed by Arts Council England, Elif is based in the UK with a Global Talent Visa. In addition to composition, performance, and production, she teaches electronic music at Guildhall School of Music & Drama (GSMD) in London. Elif is a member of RMA’s Music and/as Process committee. She also delivers guitar lessons in local community organisations.

෴ Daniele Girolamo is an Italian artist and musician, based in Reykjavik, Iceland. He started playing classical guitar in the Conservatory school in Italy and continued with electric guitar, cello and synthesizers. After many years of research on his original sound he devoted himself to the composition of soundscapes; he defines his music as “dreamscapes”. Currently he studies at Tónver Tónlistarskóla Kópavogs in sound recording and electronic music. His process is based on temporally stretched experimental sonic structures on which he improvises with various instruments. Recently he has released a new album From the Ocean To the Ocean with the band Minningar. He has performed in numerous events in Iceland. He is currently working on a new solo album and a new album with the Minningar project.

෴ Rikhardur makes music that falls into two general categories; he either makes pure electro-acoustic music, working with natural sounds and their movement in space, or he does live improvisations, playing electric guitar, processed with live electronics, either alone or with a group called the Icelandic Sound Company. He teaches Composition and Electronic Music at Iceland University of the Arts and Kópavogur Music School. In his spare time he can be seen and heard playing punk rock at various Reykjavík clubs.

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