do it (home)

Tryggvagata 17, 101 Reykjavík

Listasafn Reykjavíkur
01, January 2021 - 31, December 2021 (see calendar for other dates)
Open from 12.00am - 11.59pm

General Admission See on official website

In 1993, Hans Ulrich Obrist together with artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier, conceived do it, an exhibition based entirely on artists’ instructions, which could be followed to create temporary art works for the duration of a show. do it has challenged traditional exhibition formats, questioned authorship, and championed art’s ability to exist beyond a single gallery space. Since do it began, many new versions have appeared, including do it (museum), do it (tv), and do it (in school). Over time, do it has grown from 12 to over 400 sets of artists’ instructions, and has been shown in more than 150 art spaces in over 15 countries.

As many around the world are experiencing social distancing and orders to stay at home, the Reykjavik Art Museum is joining Independent Curators International (ICI) and over 50 art spaces around the world in sharing do it (home). A version of do it envisioned by Obrist in 1995, do it (home) assembles a set of artists instructions that can easily be realized in one’s own home.

Part 1
Click here to view and download all do it (home) part 1 instructions:

Part 2
Click here to view and download all do it (home) part 2 instructions:

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