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Artótek | The Nail: "Frelsi" Sund

Sólheimar 27, 104 Reykjavík

Borgarbókasafnið Sólheimum
01, July 2021 - 31, August 2021 (see calendar for other dates)
Open from 10.00am - 6.00pm

Website https://borgarbokasafn.is/vidburdir/syningar/artotek-naglinn-frelsi-sund
General Admission See on official website

The Sólheimar City Library will be showcasing the painting “Frelsi” Sund by Edda Þórey Kristfinndóttir in July and August. The painting is provided by the Artótek, which is situated in the Grófin City Library.

The Nail is a new art exhibition at the Sólheimar Library where one art-piece will be showcased at any given time. This is the fifth exhibition in the series. The art can be bought or rented-to-own where one becomes its owner when the rent has reached the sales price. The buyer (or rentee) of the exhibited art can choose the next one, from the Artótek, to be showcased on the Nail.

Edda Þórey Kristfinnsdóttir was born in 1956 and raised in the library’s neighborhood. She studied at the Akureyri School of Visual Arts. Her art is influenced by the concept of freedom and how we are constantly travelling.

Dóra Bergrún Ólafsdóttir, a bookkeeper at Sólheimar, chose the painting for this exhibition.

The painting can be rented for 3.000 kr. a month or bought for 79.000 kr.

Further information on the Artótek, the artist and painting on https://artotek.is

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