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"An Equal Difference" Intellect & Gender Equality in Iceland

‘An Equal Difference’ is a book of portraits, stories, and wisdom by Gabrielle Motola. It is the result of two-and-a-half years of researching, speaking with, and photographing over 70 inspiring people living in Icelandic society today.

It is the authors attempt to understand a culture that would call for measures like the jailing of bankers responsible for the crash, creating an energy policy based on independent, renewable sources, maintaining a socialised child care system, and making prostitution illegal by criminalising the buyers instead of sex workers. What really caught her attention was Iceland’s call to ‘feminise banking’.

Gabriella met with business women in groundbreaking companies, former ministers and politicians who built national buildings in the face of the crash, women who were not victims but leaders speaking out against violence, authors who spoke eloquently from the heart, members of the Lutheran church, designers and makers of products and jewellery, and trail blazing musicians. Her fascination snowballed and she began recording the audio of the shoots as this project’s concept began to crystallise.

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Image and story source: Gabrielle Motola