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Dramatic Darkness - Winter Lights Festival 2016

A captivating four-day Winter Lights Festival takes place from the 4th to the 7th of February in all four communities of the capital area. This year is the thirteenth time that this festival of darkness and light is held.

The programme comprises four main elements: Museum Night, Swimming Pool Night, Snow Party and Winter Lights, with a total of 150 events to choose from. The aim of the festival is to offer residents and visitors in Reykjavík and neighbouring communities opportunities to enjoy cultural activities and outdoor experiences in the dark days of midwinter. Admissions to all the Winter Lights events are free.

Winter Lights programme
Thursday, 4 February, 19:30: Opening ceremony, light-art, snowboard party
Friday, 19-24: Museum Night at nearly 40 museums, galleries and libraries
Saturday, 16-24: Swimming Pool Night at 10 pools
Sunday: Snow Party at the Bláfjöll ski area
+150 more events!

For more information visit the Winter Lights Festival website!