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DesignMarch starts today at the Reykjavík Art Museum!

The formal opening of DesignMarch will be at the Reykjavík Art Museum today at 17:30. Designers from a wide variety of backgrounds will display their newest wares at the opening. Icelandic furniture manufacturers exhibit inventive new items currently in production and The Icelandic Goldsmith Association presents an exhibition of their members’ latest work.

Organized for the eight time this year, it will be the largest and most significant yet, with an expected 100 or so events that will transform the most northerly capital in the world into one big venue for design. From fashion to furniture, architecture to food design, the festival showcases the best of the local design scene alongside exciting international names.

The festival runs until 13 March and is held all over Reykjavík.

More Information: www.designmarch.is