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December in Reykjavík kick off

"December in Reykjavík" has kicked off with an agenda full of festive activities for the coming weeks. Apart from an emphasis on extravagant festive illuminations, the December in Reykjavík festivities focus on themes of peace, harmony and true Icelandic traditions.
In December, Reykjavík will be host to various events, concerts, markets, crafts and Christmas lights. The highlights being:

The Hunt for the Christmas Creatures

The Hunt for the Christmas Creatures is a fun game for the whole family, starting on 4th December. Thirteen Christmas Creatures have taken up residence in and around various places in Reykjavík, including the city center. The game, which is set-up as a treasure hunt, invites participants to hunt for the Christmas Creatures and answer a few simple Creature related questions

The Reykjavík Christmas Creatures are big part of Icelandic Christmas and images of them can be found projected onto walls in different parts of the city. The Christmas Creatures are based on the thirteen Icelandic Yule Lads who are strange and boisterous troublemakers who like to entertain children and known for their skills in passing out gifts to well behaved children.

Yule Town at Ingólfstorg

Yule Town in Reykjavík consists of small and beautiful Christmas houses that will be placed on Ingólfstorg in mid-December.   Yule Town offers a wide selection of gifts, Christmas decorations, delicious food and all kinds of entertainment. Yule Town will be open December 11 – 14 and December 18 – 23.  

The Three Tenors at Ingólfstorg Square

It’s become a tradition for The Three Tenors to give a concert on December 23rd. This yearly concert has attracted a lot of people, as it created an atmosphere of the true Christmas spirit. The concert starts at 21:00 and the shops in Reykjavík City Centre are open until 23:00 this last night before the holidays.