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Two hour long,  free / tip-based walking tour around Reykjavík, with 25 year old Marteinn Briem. A history graduate, born and raised in Reykjavík. #1 in Iceland on Tripadvisor.

During the walk I will tell you the history and making of Reykjavik, it‘s buildings, main sites and attractions. I include the general history of Iceland since its discovery, through good and bad times until today. I will give you a brief introduction to Icelandic culture and nightlife and give you personal recommendations on various things. Last but not least I will include some basic information about the food, the music, the vikings, the elves, the bank crash and the upcoming generations. Finally there are of course the funny facts about Iceland you didn‘t know.

On the tour we will walk around the oldest part of Reykjavík which is for the most part marked by the three oldest streets, Adalstraeti (Main street), Kirkjustraeti (Church street) and Hafnarstraeti (Port street). It‘s a completely non-commercial tour. There are no meals included, no shopping involved nor any food stops or toilet breaks. In case of bad weather, construction, parade or similar occasions I will adjust the tour but never cancel it. I will always show up and that has never failed yet. The route is about 2km long and is wheelchair accessible.

During the tour I will try to convince you that the tour is actually worth something and you are free to leave me a tip at the end of the tour. Please keep in mind that this is my own enterprise and at the end of the day it is your contribution that keeps me going. The company runs 100% on donations by visitors. My tour is always in English, but I can guide in basic Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) to private groups upon request by e-mail, well in advance.

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