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Bryggjan Brewery & Bistro

Bryggjan Brewery is Iceland’s first microbrewery & bistro. Our ambition lies in producing and offering a wide range of various cuts. The bar features a specially designed wine cabinet that keeps our rich wine collection at the perfect temperature, along with 12 beer ponds that deliver beer directly from the brewery from well-chosen breweries such as Borg, Mikkeller, Brewdog and To ÖL.

Bergur Gunnarsson is a chemist and craftsman educated in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bergur has also been further educated by our friends in the brewery ZIP in Hungary. We aim to brew different styles of beer, Lager, IPA, Pale Ale, Belgian Double, Session IPA and other great beers.

We are very interested in beer-making with delicious dishes from the kitchen, Arturo Santoni Rousselle, wine server, carefully selecting the wines.