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A bakery in 3 locations, Hringbraut 35, Austurströnd 14 and Fálkagata 18. 


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Restaurants Serving Traditional Icelandic Food

One of the best ways to learn about foreign cultures it through its cuisine. Although Iceland hasn't perhaps been known for its gourmet kitchen, it sure offers some tasty bites. Here is a list of restaurants in Reykjavík which serve traditional, Icelandic food.

Noodle Station

The Noodle Station is a small place on Skólavörðustígur that offers a choice of three courses: noodle soup with beef, noodle soup with chicken and vegetarian noodle soup.


A small noodle bar at the bottom of Skólavörðustígur whose main objective is to offer fast food that is both healthy and tasty.


Oldest restaurant in Reykjavík, located by the old harbour. Plainly furnished with simple, filling meals.