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Aurora Basecamp

Aurora Basecamp

The Aurora Lounge at Aurora Basecamp is cozy and low lit Geodesic dome, furnished with tables and benches and with plenty of hot chocolate for warming up on the cold winter night. The Lounge is fully staffed with experts that will tell you everything you need to improve your chances of seeing the Natural Northern Lights on any given night of the season.

Finding the Northern lights can be tricky and it takes more than just driving around in the dark. The Dark Park experience is a 15-30 minute guided tour, designed to help you identify the natural Northern lights right from the starting phase. Using both still and live images we guide our guests through the different phases of the lights and show the current activity of the Natural lights in our unique Northern Lights Mirror Tubes.

As a Northern Lights Observatory, the real magic happens outside when the conditions are right. The guided tour ends in the outdoor area that is low lit and with open fire and benches to stay warm while admiring the endless space or simply enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

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Nordic Visitor

We offer a great variety of day tours in Iceland as well as private-guided super-jeep tours, snowmobiling on glaciers, snorkeling, kayaking, ATV tours, lava caving, rafting, glacier hiking and climbing