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Krókur Farmhouse

Krókur is a corregated farmhouse that was made from an old turfhouse and inhabited from 1923-1985.  


Bessastaðir is the official residence of the President of Iceland and is situated in Álftanes, a beautiful low lying peninsula which extrudes from the eastern part of Reykjanes. 


Garðabær Jazz Festival is an annual festival held in spring time by the towns cultural department. The festival offers variety of concerts with many nation known musicians. Free admisson. 


Mathús Garðabæjar is quite new, but it's steadily becoming one of the best restaurant hangs with first class food and service

Sundlaug Garðabær

The swimming pool in Garðabær is newly renovated, and a popular attraction for both grown-ups and kids.


The new Álftanes Pool offers its customers a bright, warm and relaxed environment, while at the same time those who are searching for fun find their wishes fulfilled.

Hofsstadir Historic Park Viking Longhouse

An impressive Viking-age longhouse from the Settlement period (AD 870-930) until the twelfth century.

Museum of Design and Applied Art

The founding charter of the Museum of Design and Applied Art states that the Museum is to collect and preserve the part of Icelandic cultural history encompassing design, especially from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

Leirdalur Golf Course

Leirdalur golf course is considered to be one of the most pleasant golf courses to play in Iceland.