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Amazing 360° Icelandic movie experience at the Old Harbour!

The Iceland Expo Pavillion, designed for the World’s Fair in Shanghai 2010 and was also set up at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2011, has now been installed at the Old Harbour in Reykjavik: inside the Old Fishery building.
The Pavillion, which features a unique 360-degree film projected on the walls and ceiling, is produced by the Icelandic company Sagafilm and is designed to create a special visual unity and a complete “surround” experience.
The film, which is fifteen minutes long, presents Iceland in all its diversity, with footage from both the city and nature projected onto the four walls and the ceiling of the Pavillion.
A new technology, developed by Sagafilm, was employed while shooting using four synchronised cameras to  film the country’s wonders from land, sea and air. The outcome is a movie experience that leaves no-one untouched. The aim of the film is to create a simple yet effective wonderland which makes guests stop, take a deep breath and experience Iceland up close. 
The Pavillion, which was also set up at the Harpa music and concert hall last year, has been extremely popular with foreigners and Icelanders alike and has so far attracted an audience of over three million people worldwide.  
Since it opened last weekend at its new location, the response has been amazing and it has already attracted hundreds of people. 
The Pavillion is open from 10-22 daily and the entrance fee is 10 Euros per person. The film is screened regularly at half-hour intervals.
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