Sandhotel is a community within the centre of Reykjavík where all the convenience of modern technology and design meets Reykjavík’s rich heritage.

The roots of Sandhotel lie 100 years deep and combine three important themes: food, literature and fashion. Everything our hotel has to offer, be it the quality fabrics we use for our sheets, the floors and the bathroom equipment, every little detail is there for a reason: making our guests’ experience unique and memorable.

A new restaurant, Lauf, will be a part of the Sandhotel moment. Laid-back quality food is maybe the best way to describe the philosophy of the restaurant. The menu is constantly evolving in its powerful simplicity. Ingredients, sodas and beverages are made in-house. Local produce and bold flavours prepared with a rustic style and cooked using modern techniques create a playful, yet relaxed culinary journey.

Every detail is important. It’s a moment in time. We want our guests to cherish every moment they stay at Sandhotel. Because we know time is precious.