Angling Travel

If you are in Iceland for a just a couple of days or if you only get permission from the authorities to fish for a day while on vacation in Iceland, we can make the absolute best of it. We will take you for a Day trip adventure, depending on what you are after, trout-char-salmon. We´ll go for a short drive and start fishing and keep on fishing until we are all fished out.

We have many interesting options around Reykjavik and in fact we can even go up to the highlands on our daytrip. It´s all up to you and what interests you the most. Many of our clients do not have any equipment with them, which is no problem since we have gear available for our clients, as well as lessons for those who have not mastered the art of fly fishing or fishing in general.
You can count on a day trip in the Icelandic countryside will be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Hopefully you will have some nice fish on the bank and you´ll be walking on sunshine for the rest of your vacation.